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Lab draws available to improve health awareness:


  • Allergy Panels

  • Cardiometabolic Tests

    • These tests are used to assess your risk for development of diabetes and heart disease​

  • Cardiac Tests​

    • We look for dysfunctions in order to stay aware of your overall heart health, such as enlargement of the heart or high stress​

  • Dyslipidemia Testing​

    • This test battery looks beyond just cholesterol to identify amounts of "bad" cholesterol (LDL, or low density lipoprotein), which can clog arteries​

  • Vascular Inflammation and Dysfunction​

    • As inflammation is the body's way to respond to injury, these types of tests can help determine if your body is injured or under attack, such as with heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and arthritis​

  • Hormone Testing​

    • For women and men​

    • Adiponectin

    • Leptin

    • Cortisol

    • Glucose

    • Insulin​

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